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The Dreamscape Foundation will provide the education, the health care, and the essential assistance to help those adapt to their disability and enjoy their lives.  It is time to make a difference; it is time to share the dream. Nothing in someone’s life can prepare him or her for a rare unanticipated disability, it’s a life changing experience, but there is still hope. Our mission is to aid the small population of people affected by rare disabilities, in a goal to help them achieve success and to fund a cure.


Regardless of your disability, together we will conquer our obstacles as we continue our mission to achieve success.


"My goal is for people with disabilities to no longer forgo on experiences in life, help me make a difference" - Joseph Sehwani

In a effort to be able to provide the resources and support to many that needed it, this foundation was founded off of artwork and creativity. Dream 10 Program was the Dreamscape Foundation's first step to bring optimism into the lives of the disablied.

Samples of the Blind Art gallery can be seen in the image slider above. There you can choose the art you would like to donate towards. Please note that some of the art you will see on our project page has been influenced by pop culture, Dreamscape Foundation does not claim ownership of the ideas incorporated into these pieces as our own. The orginal intent of the art was simply to pay homage to the pop culture figures we love. Share your art with us for a chance for your piece to be featured





Dream 10 Program

Paying Homage

"Prior to becoming legally blind, I was very artistically inclined, as I went through my ordeal I found ways to continue applying my creativity inspite of my disability, proving anything is possible". Dreamscape Foundation was funded from artwork which was given for donations on our original campaign page on Indiegogo.

To begin fundrasing for the charity, the founder, Joseph Sehwani , designed 10 Pieces of Art based off of pop culture and mixed media for donors. Over $5000 was raised and all the funds were used for completing the Dreamscape Foundation platform. Samples of the Blind Art gallery can be seen in the image slider

The Results