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We will help host or participate in events to help raise funds for your cause

We are always available to participate in new projects. Contact us if you have something that fits.


If you want to help support our cause, or take part in helping us execute our mission, follow us on social media and please contact us.

The Dreamscape Foundation will provide the education, the health care, and the essential assistance to help those adapt to their disability and enjoy their lives.  It is time to make a difference; it is time to share the dream. Nothing in someone’s life can prepare him or her for a rare unanticipated disability, it’s a life changing experience, but there is still hope. Our mission is to aid the small population of people affected by rare disabilities, in a goal to help them achieve success and to fund a cure.


Regardless of your disability, together we will conquer our obstacles as we continue our mission to achieve success.


"My goal is for people with disabilities to no longer forgo on experiences in life, help me make a difference" - Joseph Sehwani


Dreamscape Foundation | Charity Hero Twitch.TV Promotional

Charity Hero is a Twitch.TV gaming channel dedicated to streamers who want to help support the mission of the Dreamscape Foundation. The goal of the channel is to help spread the word of tour and gather funds to support the children and families we are working with in a fun and creative way.

Growing up, we all had a fictional hero in our life that stopped at nothing until they saved the day. Charity Hero is specifically devoted to those heroes, because now they have the opportunity to save the day again with your support. Our viewers and subscribers have the ability to choose their favorite video game heroes, and by supporting them save the day on our stream, they can help

impact the disabled community.

Charity Gaming

You Can Be A Hero

The Dreamscape Foundation has developed a collaborative relationship with multiple video game streamers who simply want to help. We always encourage our supporters to collaborate with us to make fun and unique projects to raise awareness and funds for our mission. Charity Hero inspired by you, and now you too can be a hero in someone's life.

Charity Hero is a parntered Twitch.TV  gaming channel made with the full collaboration of the  Dreamscape Foundation. Any form of  help from the community is strongly encouraged by the Dreamscape Foundation. If you are interested in helping stream for Charity Hero, either on a weekly basis or simply a event, reach out and let us know.

Charity Gaming

Want To Stream?