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Any funds donated to us online will go directly to the Dreamscape Foundation to continue our fight against disabilites and diseases.

We encourage you to learn about our mission > before making a donation, any donation is greatly appreciated.


It is the intention of the Dreamscape Foundation that any funds received and raised will be distributed with the intent and of the contributor and our mission. If you have any questions regarding donations please do not hesitate to reach out > 

Donate to us by shopping on Amazon, eBay or Zazzle and  you will be able to support our mission.




Donate to us your extra car, and recieve a tax deductable donation for benefiting our cause.



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Stock Donation

Donate to us by stock donations. Giving stock, instead of cash, can greatly benefit both parties.




Donate to us by mail which includes personal check, money order, products, cash or monthly gift.

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We fight Down Syndrome a  disorder that causes intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities.



We fight HIV AIDS a disease that impairs the body's  immunity,  lowering the resistance to infection.



Fight Down Syndrome


Fight Cystic Fibrosis

We fight Cystic Fibrosis a life-threatening disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs and digestive system


We fight LHON a condition that causes sudden, yet painless loss of visual sharpness and central vision.


Fight Lebers - LHON

We fight Cancer a diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and  able  invade other tissues


We fight Ebola a fatal disease given by wild animals and  causes internal and exteranl bleeding.



We fight Diabetes a disease in which the body is not able to produce enough insulin in the blood.



Fight Ebola

Fight Diabetes

Fight Autism

We fight Autism is a range of complex mental disorders that impairs an individuals  communication skills.



We fight MD a blood circulation disease of your muscles. MS a nervous system disease of your body.



Fight MD & MS

Fight Usher Syndrome

We fight Usher Syndrome is a condition that affects both hearing and vision causing blindness and deafness. 

Fight Cancer

Here is a brief list of disabilites and diseases that we fight with your donations > 

"Our goal is for people with disabilities and diseases to no longer forgo on experiences in life, help me make a difference because

I lost my sight - not my vision"

- Joseph Sehwani, Founder of Dreamscape Foundation

The cost of a donation is insignificant when it comes to your generosity, all that matters is knowing that someone’s life has been made better because of you, and this is priceless.

Any contribution is appreciated and we are truly grateful for your support towards the Dreamscape Foundation. Make a secure online single or monthly donation now !