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We fight to restore independence in the lives of those impacted by disabilities and diseases; while inspiring others to do the same.

Nothing in someone’s life can prepare him or her for a rare unanticipated disability, it’s a forever changing experience, but there is still hope. Our mission is to aid the small population of people affected by rare disabilities, with a goal to help them achieve success and to fund a cure.

We encourage the community to embrace their creativity and talents to help give

independence to the disabled.

The Joseph Sehwani Dreamscape Foundation will provide individuals with scholarships, job aids, education accommodations, health aids and all amenities to help them succeed in life.

This foundation will focus on supporting their future in order to provide equality. With your help we can fight these disabilities. Our dreams are just the beginning…

What We Do 

What We Are Doing

We strive to provide knowledge and resources for the disabled; while educating the community so they can better understand the situations of the disabled.

Fight For Independence

Aim To Educate

We Will Find A Cure

We encourage our community to donate to aid to the development of cures for rare disabilities and diseases; together we can make a difference.


"Our goal is for people with disabilities and diseases to no longer forgo on experiences in life, help me make a difference because

I lost my sight - not my vision"

- Joseph Sehwani, Founder of Dreamscape Foundation

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